“Float” thinks about all of his works as love letters to all of the things he loves and that formed him. He started drawing and painting in 2008 after a family tragedy and has never stopped. Originally a street artist, “Float” moved into canvas and mural work to protect himself and his family after a series of arrests. Creating countless pop-culture pieces, “Float” also works with model and custom collectibles as well as college work. He is also starting to create props and cosplay pieces. Never sitting still “Float is constantly changing and adding to his skill set and repertoire.   


This is where he got started. Forming his identity as an artists “Float” got started by drawing and painting his own style of graphic characters and lettering.

These are his true love letters to the science fiction and cartoons that grew him as a person. This is the majority of work that he brings to the convention scene, and the largest portion of his work.

One of his newest pursuits is to take all the toys and masks that you can get from a store and give it a face lift. Most toys and mask in a store need a face lift to truly shine. Taking things like Nerf Guns, Halloween Masks, and Toys and bringing them closer to true to life paint scheme that we really know them to be.

Each mural that “Float” creates is custom and one of a kind.

With a commission “Float” brings all of his skills to bear, going back to his studio to create a totally custom piece of work for each individual client.

Some of the first large scale art that “Float” worked on was to create custom collage table tops and custom furniture. Using books and comics as the root, he used razors and scissors to mold the art of others into a tapestry all sealed onto the top of a piece of furniture.

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