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Formerly out of Atlanta, "Float" now lives and works out of Huntsville, AL. Self taught, "Float" have been honing his skills and techniques for over 15 years and has developed a strong sense of personal style. Working with a large array of business owners as well as private sector clients he has developed the communication and technical skills to achieve the right art piece for each individual client.

"Float" has always been inspired by the idea that the audience can find themselves in the art, creating their own stories about what they are seeing. This has helped him to foster techniques, and a style, that optimize for a simplicity of design. The themes and emotions he explores are often driven through the color and the composition of his work, while keeping to his own artistic habits and ideals.


As a day job “Float” works with the Boys and Girls Club of North Alabama as a STEM Instructor. 

Float posing next to mural 2020
2023 Public art mural
Float posing next to mural 2018
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