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Each commission is taken on an individual basis and is customized to each client.

  • Commissions require a 50% down payment, with the 2nd 50% paid at the receipt of the commission.

  • Custom orders are completed within a 4-10 week period

    • with an option for rush orders requiring an additional charge.

  • Any customs that need to be mailed will require a shipping and handling fee.

Please check out portfolio page to find more examples of "Float"s work.

Logo Design: Start at $200

      Logo design is a much more collaborative process between artist and client. For that reason, logo design is handled differently from other types of commissions.

  • Clients receive digital copies of the final product instead of physical.

    • .pdf and .png files.

  • Ownership of your logo, so that clients will own any final work created in this process.


The $200 flat rate covers 15 hrs of time, with the intent of completing the logo in that 15 hrs or shortly thereafter. Additional hours will be at a cost of $15 per hour.

Steps for Logo Design


Step #1

Consultation: Logo designs are only taken after a full consultation either over email, phone, or in person. For logo work all consultations are preferred to take place in person.


Step #2

Invoicing: Once all details are agreed upon commissions are invoiced through paypal. All commissions require a 50% down payment. Down payments may be made through paypal, cash, or check.


Step #3

Sketch Work: Once down payments have been received “Float” will start work. Multiple pencil sketches will be created with varying degrees of finish work applied, to give the client a wide range of options to choose from.  


Step #4

2nd Consultation: Once sketching is finished a 2nd consultation meeting is scheduled to discuss the work and decide on a direction. From that, a sketch is chosen to push into a finished design with directives taken from the client.

Step #5

Digital Work: once a final design is decided on the work moves to the computer to start to create the digital versions.

Step #6

Final Consultation: Before the digital versions are completed clients are asked to preview the work to ask for final changes if any.

Step #7

Completion: Once all final changes are decided upon the final draft will be completed and presented to clients for approval. When the piece is accepted and approved the 2nd 50% payment is due and the clients will receive the final files through email.

*artist retains the rights to re-create any commissioned piece of work any anytime, except when artist relinquishes ownership of completed work to client

**artist retains the right to use photographs of any commissioned work for the purposes of promotional material

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